Open Source EVM Development SDK.

Open source framework, enabling Web2 developers to easily build EVM powered applications on 10+ blockchain networks.


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Effortless Web3

Dev3 simplifies all aspects of building blockchain applications.
Manage smart contracts, frontends & process transactions – easier and safer than ever.

Amazing Transaction UX. Without a Hassle.

Install Dev3 SDK and instantly add industry-leading transaction processing to your application.

Dev3 modal widget will make sure your users have an initialized blockchain wallet (self-custody or custodial), enough gas to execute the transaction and finally – sign & deploy the transaction.

// For developers looking to write classic Web3 code.
// and use standard tooling. This one line of
// code injects Dev3 between your app and Web3
// provider – giving you all the best features of Dev3
// while allowing you to keep writing classic Web3 vode
function domFinishedLoading() {
   Dev3.attach(‘apikey’, ‘projectID’)

// For developers looking for an easy & secure way
// to add Web3 functionality to their app. Not compatible
// with standard Web3 tooling.
async function donateMoney() {
nft = await sdk.getContractByAlias(‘my-nft’)
   const action = await nft.buildAction(‘mint’, [1])
   const result = await action.present()

Modular SDK. For Developers of All Experience Levels.

If you’re just beginning your Web3 developer journey or if you’re a seasoned Web3 veteran – Dev3 SDK adapts to fit your needs.

You can defer all blockchain functionality to our SDK or pick and choose only the features you need.

$ npm install dev3-sdk

Intuitive Smart Contract Management.

Dev3 dashboard makes handling smart contracts a breeze.

Connect all smart contracts your app uses into a single dashboard. Easily handle multi-chain deployments, smart contract versioning and get an auto-generated admin panel for every connected smart contract.

Rich Third Party Plugin

Use Third Party plugins to access rich functionality with no additional effort.


Create custodial wallets before entering a flow, ensuring anyone can participate.


Stay compliant by easily creating a user registration workflows with automated KYC and AML verification.


Add a real-time chat support widget that helps you interact with customers


an integrated service that allows users to onramp their blockchain wallet

Built With Dev3

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LucriFi - Multi-Chain Payments & Payroll Platform

With Dev3, LucriFi developers were able to quickly create a functional enterprise-ready payments platform supporting 5+ EVM chains. With our low-code platform, the development time for the platform was reduced from months, to two weeks.

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Dev3 is a community maintained, open-source framework. You can self-host the solution or use one of our managed instances.